Maid / Workers’ Medical Insurance Claims

Report to police

Should there be evidence of criminal or malicious act involved, contact the Police immediately.

Notify Us

Should there be no cases of #1 above, notify the Insurer or Ivan Insurance Agency of your claim within 21 days of the happening of any event that give rise to a claim either via phone call or email as mentioned below.

Insurers :



Reach us at

+65 6440 0220


We will get back to you within a day
Kindly prepare the following documents to speed up the claims process!

1. Original completed claim form
2. Original Medical bills receipt (Please ensure this is the final bill(s))
3. Medical certificate or Doctor’s Report*
4. Copy of Certificate of Insurance
5. Copy of Work Permit
6. Copy of Employment Contract showing monthly salary of helper / worker
7. Police Report (if applicable)
8. Copy of death certificate (if applicable)

* These costs will be borne by the insured unless otherwise specified.