• Do I have to head to your office to renew my insurance?

    No, you can give us a call during office hours and we will be able to provide assistance over the phone. However, we do welcome all clients to our office should your feel more comfortable. We do accept the following modes of payment: Cash, Cheque, Internet Transfer and Credit Card. Do give us a call for further details.

  • Can I renew my road tax at your office?

    Unfortunately, we are unable to renew your road tax in our office. However, as an added-value service, you can issue us a separate cheque payment for your road tax, addressed to “LTA”, with the road tax disc and we will do the renewal on your behalf after we renew your insurance. We will then mail this back to your address based on our records.

  • Why can’t I renew my road tax online after my insurance renewal/extension?

    LTA takes at least 3 working days to be updated of the renewal/extension before you can renew your road tax online. If time is a concern, we would suggest printing a hardcopy of the Certificate of Insurance and bring it to any Vicom, LTA, or any road tax renewal centres stated at the back of your road tax disc to renew your road tax immediately. Do note the operating hours for both venues.

  • Will we receive a hardcopy of the certificate of insurance? / Is a hardcopy of the Certificate of Insurance necessary? (For Motor/Travel Insurance/Other Commercial Insurance)

    Yes, we will mail out a copy of the Original Certificate of Insurance after policy is covered or renewed. As Insurers are moving towards a more eco-friendly approach, soft copies of the insurance certificate and policies are also verified as originals and this is highly advisable. Do keep them in your emails should you need to refer to it for support.

  • What do I have to do if I have some updates/modification to my insurance policy?

    If you have any amendments to your insurance policy, we would suggest to email us at: support@ivaninsurance.com with the relevant supporting documents and we will get back to you within 3 working days with a suitable solution or an update. In urgent cases, please give us a call during office hours and our experienced staff assist you. Do note that some insurers do charge administrative fees depending on the case and we will advise you if necessary.

  • Can you provide same day dispatch/delivery service of my insurance policy?

    This is provided on a case to case basis and can be communicated with our staff. Do let us know your concerns and we will try to accommodate to our utmost best efforts.

  • Can you advise me what should I do when I met with a motor accident or other accidents?

    We have allocated a whole section of “what to dos” in our “Claims page”. Kindly click on the link to bring you to that page for detailed references.

  • I have sold my vehicle but my insurance has not expire. Can I get a refund for the insurance cancellation?

    Yes, a cancellation may be done. Simply email us at support@ivaninsurance.com with your “Sale and Purchase Agreement”, “Original Certificate of Insurance”, and instructions to cancel. Should you lost your original certificate of insurance, kindly sign and email or fax us the “Loss of CI Form”.  Depending on the individual case and remaining days left in the insurance policy, the insurer may take up to 4 working weeks with the refund. The refund from the insurer will be directed to our Company and we will refund you as soon the refund is credited to us. We thank you for your patience on this.

  • I would like to have Ivan Insurance Agency Pte Ltd manage my other general (personal or business) insurance policies. How can I do that?

    Thank you for your trust in our Company. As an official procedure, kindly acknowledge on the “Change of Agency Form” and email us at support@ivaninsurance.com or fax to us at 63460105 for proper taking over.

  • What are the modes of Payment in Ivan Insurance Agency Pte Ltd?

    We accept cash, cheque, bank transfers/PayNow and Visa or Mastercard. Unfortunately, we do not have NETS facilities at our premises so we advise all clients to withdraw cash before visiting our office or go with credit card payments. Our PayNow QR code is as below:

    Kindly send us a transfer confirmation to verify the payment.